Your custom kitchen remodeling and kitchen design starts with more than just an open concept plan. It starts with an understanding of your needs and the space you have to transform it into the perfect space for you. With almost limitless options available to you, it can be difficult to know what the best styles, materials and amenities are right for you to stay in budget. Don Huey Custom Building and Remodeling will sit down with you to find the right mix of products to meet your needs. 

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The Process

The Concept

Your kitchen holds a lot of value in your home. It’s where your family comes together to cook, spend time together, create memories and so much more. Designing your kitchen should be a balance of form and function. 

By working with our team of designers we will find out what vision you have and help bring that into reality. With the design portion done, our team will go in and execute the construction with a focus on every detail to make it just right. 

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is what makes your kitchen renovation go from “just okay” to “this is my dream kitchen”. Our process is built around the giving you the perfect final product with best-in-class service. 

Our team can take down walls to give you an open-floor concept kitchen layout, install that wine cooler you’ve always wanted or even create a custom island designed just for you. Every aspect of your kitchen will be laid out exactly how you envisioned it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my renovation take?

The short answer? It depends on what your needs are. The following play a big role in the time for a renovation:

  • Kitchen Size
  • Scope of Project
  • Issues we need to work around

Give us a call and we’d be happy to create a more specific timeline for your project. 

What is the first step I need to take to start a remodel?

This might be a bit obvious, but the first step should be to make a plan. If you can decide what you want in your newly remodeled kitchen from the colors, materials, size and lighting then our team can take that and run with it. 

By mapping out exactly what you want, our team can ensure that the final product is every bit as perfect, in reality, as it is in your head.